Secure Wi-Fi Free Trial

Super secure, super wi-fi

Start your trial today.

Your 30-day free trial includes:

  • Sophos Wireless management and control from our cloud-based Sophos Central admin console
  • A simple-to-use solution to manage your Sophos Access Points
  • Quickly implement wireless networks and create sites for different locations
  • Easily set up and provide guest access and hotspots
  • Get insight into network usage and potential threats on your Wi-Fi networks 

Please note: You cannot start a trial if you do not have a supported Sophos Access Point

Getting an Access Point to Start Your Trial
If you do not already own a supported Sophos access point, you will need to place a request with your local Sophos partner or sales team before you start your trial.

If you already have an active Sophos Central account, as soon as you have a Sophos Access Point, you can start your Sophos Wireless trial from the Sophos Central Admin Console. Log in to Sophos Central, click Free Trials, and select Sophos Wireless.

If you’d prefer, we also offer Wireless Protection as part of either our XG Firewall or Sophos UTM products.

免费试用 30 天为用户提供全部功能5 分钟内的快速设置&和部署