Securing the Most Critical Bodies - Government and Federal Institutions

Sophos can help governments – federal/national, provincial, state, and municipal – to ensure protection of their sensitive data, secure their critical IT infrastructure, and meet rigorous compliance regulations.

Sophos can help government organizations to ensure protection of their sensitive data, secure their critical IT infrastructure, and meet rigorous compliance regulations.

Coordinated defense against advanced attacks

Government networks are the most targeted across the world and attacks against them the most evasive. Sophos Synchronized Security allows multiple Sophos products to share threat, health, and security information in real time to offer you unparalleled and coordinated protection against most advanced attacks.

Accelerated threat discovery and identification

To stop advanced threats, governments must be quick to identify and thwart attacks. With Sophos next-gen endpoint and firewall, encryption and server protection communicating in real time, you can rapidly spot infected hosts across your organization. The security intelligence shared among these products tells you about infected users, systems, and processes, reducing response time from hours to seconds and preventing risk of infections spreading to other parts of the network.

Automated incident response

Automatically isolate or limit access to compromised endpoints within your organization until they are cleaned up. You’ll be able to limit their network access internally or externally and temporarily withdraw encryption keys until they are returned to a clean state.

Protection of sensitive data on multiple devices

Keep your data safe wherever it goes with Sophos’ unique integration of endpoint, web, email security, encryption, and network access control. Protect data on mobile devices like laptops and mobile phones that are managed with Sophos Mobile by encrypting that data within a secure container on the device.

SD WAN Connectivity

Connect and collaborate for less with SD-WAN

Sophos XG Firewalls integrate SD-WAN, enabling you to connect federal, state, and local agencies for less by replacing expensive MPLS connections with lower-cost services such as cable, DSL, and 3G/4G/LTE. Securely collect and exchange data, deliver mission-critical collaboration and automation applications, and keep up with the continued growth of personal and IT-issued devices.

Better Compliance and Reassurance

Read the public sector security report.

More cloud. Less server.

Protecting the UK Public Sector.

Sophos Central integrates seamlessly at North Lanarkshire Council with no downtime and removes IT burden

North Lanarkshire Council is based in Motherwell, North Lanarkshire. It is one of 32 council areas in Scotland. It borders the northeast of the city of Glasgow and contains many of Glasgow’s suburbs and commuter towns and villages.

When Microsoft ended support for the Windows-based mobile devices the Supreme Court was using, their IT team began searching for new devices as well as a way to manage their security simply. Systems Administrator Brian Shek details the subsequent switch to Android devices and how they now keep those devices safe and secure using Sophos solutions.

Sophos Central Plays a Key Role in Tendring District Council’s Digital Transformation Project.

Tendring District Council’s use of Sophos has gradually increased over time because of Sophos’ ability to meet the council’s IT security needs. Tendring is now a fully-fledged Sophos Central user, utilizing an integrated security system of Sophos solutions to protect their endpoints. Here’s how the transition happened.


Case Studies

The Lassen County Office of Education needed to migrate its own antivirus protection, and that of the broader Lassen County government, to a unified solution that provided comprehensive protection, easier management, and better support.

Futures Transforms How Job Seekers and Employers Connect with Help from Sophos on AWS.

Sophos Server Protection Advanced, with Server Lockdown offers the ideal combination of enterprise protection, cost effectiveness, and ease of use for the City of Lynchburg’s Water Resources Department.

South Oxfordshire District Council turns to Sophos following a devastating fire.

Cutting-Edge Firewall Delivers Extended Network Security to Centre Régional d’investissement de Casablanca

Ugandan Government Organization Chooses Sophos to Build a Reliable Cybersecurity Posture

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