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Sophos credentials: usernames and passwords for Sophos customers
11 mar 2015

How to make Sophos Update Manager check for updates immediately
06 mar 2015

Calendar of release dates for forthcoming versions of Sophos Anti-Virus
06 mar 2015

Sophos Update Manager (SUM) - release dates for forthcoming versions
04 mar 2015

'Timeout while attempting to connect to the specified address. There may be a problem with the network.'
26 feb 2015

Changes to the Sophos Anti-Virus only and Server only licenses
23 feb 2015

Sophos Update Manager (SUM) 1.5.5
29 gen 2015

User accounts required by Sophos Enterprise Console
27 gen 2015

How to change the password for Sophos Update Manager (SUM)
27 gen 2015

Waiting for Sophos Update Manager to register
21 gen 2015

How to change your default warehouse, working directory and default update location before or after installing Endpoint Security and Control
20 gen 2015

How to change the port which Sophos Update Manager (SUM) uses to communicate with the Remote Management System agent
19 gen 2015

Cannot locate server for http://dci.sophosupd
05 gen 2015

80040408 Unable to write to distribution location [path] for software subscription [subscription-name].
23 dic 2014

Sophos Update Manager (SUM) 1.5.4
07 nov 2014

Diagrammatic overview of remote (managed) clients connecting to a SUM server located in a DMZ
31 ott 2014

Running Sophos products on Mac OS X 10.9.5 and 10.10
29 ott 2014

A child update manager shows the error 'Threat detection data update failed'
28 ott 2014

Sophos Update Manager -- Error 25075: Cannot add user SophosUpdateMgr on server
24 ott 2014

80040401 'Software update failed' displayed against an update manager
24 ott 2014

System.xml - description of fields you can change
22 ott 2014

80040404 'Threat detection data update failed.' displayed against an update manager
17 ott 2014

Sophos Update Manager (SUM) 1.5.3
15 ott 2014

Update Manager: significant files and registry entries
07 ott 2014

How to change your license details
02 ott 2014

Retirement of Sophos Update Manager (SUM) v1.5.1
18 set 2014

The package label for 'Oldest' shows as being retired in your Sophos Update Manager
09 set 2014

Sophos Update Manager (SUM) 1.5.2, Remote Management System (RMS) versione 4.0 ed Enterprise Console 5.2.2
09 set 2014

Sophos Licensing changes for Endpoint Protection 10 release
05 set 2014

Only 'Recommended' version is available for packages under 'Software Subscriptions'
04 set 2014

Information on configuring an authoritative Sophos Update Manager
15 ago 2014

Running ConfigCID returns "The CID provided is not managed from this server."
14 ago 2014

Information on Windows Server-Side Log Files for Endpoint Security and Control
05 ago 2014

Configuring Microsoft Internet Information Services for endpoint updating
04 ago 2014

'Failed to launch self-updater child process! Error code = 3' shown in the Sophos Update Manager trace log
01 ago 2014

Endpoint Security and Control: How to install an additional update manager
22 lug 2014

Simplified subscription management in Enterprise Console 5.2.1
30 giu 2014

Managing your software subscriptions in Enterprise Console
11 giu 2014

The removal of Sophos Update Manager (SUM) uninstalls Sophos Remote Management System (RMS) leaving the computer un-managed
10 giu 2014

Shortcut to the Sophos Network Communication Report is removed
02 giu 2014

How to reserve a port for Sophos Update Manager on a Windows Server
13 mag 2014

Update Failure: Synchronization of protection data failed as a required part could not be found
12 mag 2014

Error saving SUM update details: The operation failed...Failed to create a warehouse check action! SDDM returned 0xffffffff
25 apr 2014

Sophos Update Manager fails to download (error 'Cannot create stream' and 'Error during package synchronisation')
25 apr 2014

'Checksum error' and 'Decode operation failed when decoding payload' when updating Sophos Update Manager
09 apr 2014

One or more Sophos Update Managers (SUMs) not running the latest version
25 mar 2014

Why am I subscribed to a version like 443DC50B-DFC1-4678-AC88-19965CAEA3B7#
10 mar 2014

Downloading Individual .dat Files when Troubleshooting Sophos Update Manager
05 mar 2014

Sophos Update Manager Configuration column reads 'Does not match' for one or more products
05 mar 2014

Configuring Sophos Update Manager to check/update during a specific window of time
24 gen 2014

Deployment to a share failed because of an unexpected error. Details: Failed to read file for MD5
14 gen 2014

80040407 Delivery failed for software subscription .... Proxy is denying access or is otherwise unavailable.
09 gen 2014

Installing and configuring an air gap with Sophos Update Manager
30 dic 2013

How to install an additional copy of Sophos Update Manager using a batch script
20 dic 2013

80040410 Data read from the update source for software subscription ... was invalid
25 nov 2013

80040426 'Software license has changed' or 80040421 'Software is not available'
23 nov 2013

Sophos Update Manager popup error mentioning Base64Decode returned false
21 nov 2013

Errors incorrectly shown against Update Managers in console
19 nov 2013

Enterprise Console errors: 80040420, 80040422, 80040423
31 ott 2013

Sophos Update Manager fails to write to a share
25 ott 2013

80040406 Delivery failed for software subscription. Access to the source update location is denied or the location is otherwise unavailable.
29 ago 2013

Error: 'Sophos Update Manager is already installed. Please uninstall it before continuing.'
26 lug 2013

Error 25007 when installing a remote Update Manager
17 lug 2013

Remote update manager not showing in Enterprise Console
17 lug 2013

Error 'could not be synchronised because the synchronise operation failed due to an earlier error'
09 lug 2013

00000002 Could not read from the update source location
10 apr 2013

Sophos Update Manager log viewer displays error 1601
06 mar 2013

Sophos Anti-Virus: Troubleshooting updating from Web CID issues
05 mar 2013

Using DFS (Distributed File System) to distribute updates
26 feb 2013

Uninstall of Sophos Update Manager fails with error 25008 WaitOnLockedFile
25 feb 2013

Sophos Update Manager shows 'Threat delivery failed' or 'Threat detection update failed'
20 feb 2013

Sophos Update Manager - CID deployment fails copying RMS config files
11 gen 2013

80040409 Una verifica ha rilevato che i dati scritti a [failed target] perché la sottoscrizione al software [percorso] non è valida.
20 nov 2012

How to set up a new Update Manager in Enterprise Console 4.x
05 lug 2012

Sottoscrizioni per la fase di manutenzione estesa del software Endpoint Security and Control
12 giu 2012

Durante l'installazione di SUM in Windows 2008 viene visualizzato un messaggio di errore nella finestra di dialogo "Dettagli dell'account di Sophos Update Manager"
12 mar 2012

Implicazioni dovute alla selezione dell'azione predefinita per l'aggiornamento automatico di Sophos Update Manager
10 feb 2012

Event ID 0 generated and SophosUpdate Manager (SUM) application event error displayed
21 nov 2011

Sophos Update Manager sembra bloccarsi durante il download degli aggiornamenti
18 lug 2011

Error 1618 'Another installation is in progress' during SUM installation
10 mag 2011

"Software subscription status" information missing from update manager details window
01 mar 2011

The location [\\server\SophosUpdate] ends with the reserved folder name 'SophosUpdate'; please choose another location
08 lug 2010

Sophos Update Manager (SUM) installation fails with installer location listed
08 lug 2010

Endpoint Security and Control: Migration from EM Library to Sophos Update Manager fails
01 lug 2010