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Shh/Updater-B: How to run the FixIssues.exe on multiple computers using Enterprise Console
06 mar 2015

Using backupdb.bat and restoredb.bat: How to back up and restore the Sophos databases
26 feb 2015

Using ProcessLogs.vbs to generate a report of applications affected across multiple endpoints
28 gen 2015

Manually creating the Sophos databases for Enterprise Console as part of an install or upgrade
27 gen 2015

Using PurgeDB with Enterprise Console and Sophos Control Center
22 gen 2015

Obfuscating the username and password in Enterprise Console
21 gen 2015

Purging old virtual machines from the Sophos database
08 ott 2014

Using ConfigCID.exe to implement XML configuration file changes
26 set 2014

How to create a standalone or custom installer package
05 set 2014

Come utilizzare il tool UpgradeDB.exe per effettuare l'upgrade del database Sophos
23 giu 2014

Enterprise Console: ExportPrivateStore utility generates 'ERROR: key not valid for use in specified state.'
09 mag 2014

PurgeDB.exe fails to purge or delete SUM errors and alerts
09 mag 2014

Overview of the back up tool 'ExportPrivateStore.exe'
27 mar 2014

'Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID' whilst running DataBackupRestore.exe
17 set 2013

A fatal error occurred during the database upgrade (#5) Access is denied. OR Exit code 5 failed to transfer data from old database when running upgradedb.exe
09 ago 2013

Virtualization Scan Controller fails to issue scan request to computers with auditing enabled in Enterprise Console 5.2.0
06 giu 2013

How to use the DataBackupRestore.exe program to backup and restore your management server's data and configuration
30 mag 2013

This application has failed to start because LIBEAY32.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.
18 mar 2013

Utilizzo di ExportConfig.exe per creare file di configurazione XML
31 gen 2013

Sophos Deployment Packager displaying Runtime Error!
07 dic 2011

"Failed to open catalog..." when running ConfigCID.exe
11 set 2011

Using UpgradeDB.exe: Failed to parse: -sourceversion=4, Exit code 1 (Invalid command line qualifier.)
10 dic 2010

Centrally configuring the filtering of messages from workstations
30 lug 2009