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Diagnose for Sophos Secure Virtual Machine (SSVM)
18 mai 2015

Malware detected by Sophos Anti-Virus for VMware vShield is listed in the Sophos Enterprise Console as requiring a reboot to cleanup but is not removed once it has been cleaned up
19 févr. 2015

Cleanup fails on a Guest Virtual Machine
19 févr. 2015

The deployment of the Sophos Secure Virtual Machine fails when validating the update location address
19 févr. 2015

Installing the Sophos Guest VM Agent from a web based update location
19 févr. 2015

Sophos Anti-Virus for vShield: Anti-Virus and HIPs policy - applicable settings
12 févr. 2015

Incompatibility between vShield Driver and Anti-virus drivers can cause system failures
08 déc. 2014

Sophos Anti-Virus for Unix updates fail if the package shares a subscription with Sophos Anti-Virus for vShield
08 déc. 2014

Which characters are supported by the Sophos Anti-Virus for VMware vShield installer?
27 nov. 2014

Multiple entries for the same Secure Virtual Machine displayed in Enterprise Console
12 nov. 2014

Sophos Enterprise Console briefly shows 'Up to date' status as 'Unknown' after update
15 août 2014

Changing the IP address of a Sophos Secure Virtual Machine (SSVM)
13 août 2014

Error: Failed to deploy SSVM: vSphere API Error: Invalid configuration for device '0'
01 août 2014

Sophos Anti-Virus for vShield version 1.1 Installer limitations
09 mai 2014

Deployment of the Sophos SVM for vShield fails with the following error. Error: Failed to deploy SSVM: WinHttpReceiveResponse: 12002. There was a problem connecting to the server
09 mai 2014

Sophos Anti-Virus for vShield Secure Virtual Machines (SVMs) deployed using the version 1.0 deployment tool may not be listed in the version 1.1 removal tool.
09 mai 2014

After shutting down the SSVM Guest VMs are unresponsive for ~30 seconds.
09 mai 2014

No hosts are listed on the host selection page when trying to deploy SVMs.
09 mai 2014

Avis de sécurité : la vulnérabilité critique dans OpenSSL affecte les produits Sophos
30 avr. 2014

Ssvmtool does not accept passwords containing double quotes
07 mars 2014

Reduced performance of ThinApps in streaming mode when used with Sophos Secure Virtual Machine
05 févr. 2014

Deployment of the Sophos Secure Virtual Machine (SSVM) fails
29 juil. 2013