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Microsoft ( stops accepting TLS certificates with 1024Bit
18 May 2015

UTM Email Protection: Blacklist entry not blocking messages as expected
05 Mar 2015

Advisory: Recommended steps for the Poodle vulnerability in SMTP Proxy on the Sophos UTM
10 Dec 2014

SMTP Debugging: Astaro Security Gateway
18 Feb 2014

Protecting Google Apps hosted mail domains with Sophos Gateways
14 Feb 2014

How To test Smarthost authentication via the command line on Sophos UTM
13 Feb 2014

DKIM Setup using Windows OpenSSL
11 Feb 2014

SMTP Error 1426 dropped too many nonmail commands
13 Nov 2013

Regular Expressions for Defining Mail Expression Patterns in Sophos UTM
16 Oct 2013

DomainKeys DKIM setup guide for Astaro Security Gateway
19 Aug 2013

Email Protection Basic HowTo
02 May 2013

RBL zones for Countries: Astaro Security Gateway
31 May 2012

Sender Policy Framework (SPF): Astaro Security Gateway
31 May 2012

Astaro Security Gateway: Recipient Verification with Exchange 2003
29 May 2012

Invalid HELO String Error: Astaro Security Gateway
29 May 2012

Sending Email Notifications via SMTP Smarthost: Astaro Security Gateway
29 May 2012

Limiting port 25 on a specific external interface on Astaro Security Gateway
28 May 2012

How to reset the pop3 database in Astaro Security Gateway
25 May 2012

Recipient Verification Cache - Astaro Security Gateway Software
25 May 2012

Exchange Server reports' Insufficient System Resources' and Astaro Security Gateway rejects message
24 May 2012

How to reset the SMTP database for Astaro security gateway
24 May 2012