The State of Encryption Today – Results of an independent survey of 1700 IT managers

The way in which people work today has changed significantly since businesses started using encryption products to secure their data. We have multiple devices that we expect to be able to use for work purposes. We work from home, the car, the airport, the café and we need our data to keep up with us, and to stay secure whichever platform or device we choose.

This survey was conducted to better understand where businesses are succeeding with using encryption to secure their data. It also identifies gaps in organizations’ encryption strategies as we continue moving toward a business world that demands secure access to data wherever the user is and whichever device they choose to use.

Download the whitepaper to:

  • Learn more about global encryption usage
  • See what data and devices are being encrypted and what’s being left behind
  • Find out what organizations are planning for the future when it comes to encryption