The Understated Risk: Encrypted Traffic

Encryption keeps network traffic private, but it doesn’t keep it secure. Hackers take advantage of this privacy, enabling their attacks to enter organizations undetected.

The survey revealed that IT teams are significantly unaware of the level of encrypted traffic.


The discrepancy between perceived and actual levels of encryption together with the widespread use of encryption in cyberattacks suggests that encrypted traffic is an understated security risk.


The Achilles Heel of Network Security

Only 3.5% of organizations are decrypting their traffic to properly inspect it, leaving them vulnerable to encrypted threats.

Firewall capabilities to minimize the risk from encrypted traffic

As we approach 100% network traffic encryption, look for the following five capabilities in your next firewall to minimize the risk from encrypted traffic.

  • The latest TLS 1.3 and cipher suite support
  • A streaming engine solution
  • Robust certificate validation
  • Powerful and flexible policy tools
  • High performance

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