of organizations fell victim to a cyberattack.

Don't be next. See how different security vendors stack up.

Endpoint Security Buyers Guide

In a crowded endpoint security market identifying the ideal solution for your organization can be tough.

To help, we’ve put together a buyers guide that highlights the protection features that are absolutely essential for endpoint security solutions in today’s threat landscape. Download the guide and get all the detail that you need in one place.

‘Traditional’ antivirus can’t keep up

Modern threats like Ryuk and Emotet need advanced protection to stop them. Relying solely on traditional techniques such as signature-based detection isn’t enough to stay protected.

Three key modern defenses

Stopping unknown threats

Deep learning technology can stop malware that has never been seen before

Blocking exploit techniques

Anti-exploit features stop hackers from executing their attacks

Locking down ransomware

Ransomware defenses block the malicious encryption of files and return them to a safe state

Endpoint security is better together

When looking for a solution don’t focus on a singular feature. Layers of defenses that can stop attacks at multiple points give you the most effective security. Which is why you want a solution that combines traditional techniques with their modern counterparts, giving your organization the best possible protection.

Foundational Techniques

Known threats

Deep Learning

Unknown threats




Exploits (fileless attacks)

Get proven protection

Validating vendors’ claims on the efficacy of their protection is crucial. Check a variety of different reports from analysts and third-party reviewers.

Get the Endpoint Security Buyers Guide

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