Your IT infrastructure works as a system

Your IT system is fundamental to ensuring your organization is effective and safely run. This connected network of devices, networks, data and workloads enables people to work productively – sharing data, accessing resources, tracking activities.

The four elements of a system

Central management

Integrated components

Automated actions


These four elements are what transform point products into a system. The stronger each of these components, the stronger the system. A system with deep integration will outperform one with weak integration. The same principles apply to cybersecurity.

What should an effective cybersecurity system do?

  • Mitigate cyber risk
  • Increase visibility
  • Improve productivity
  • Save money
  • Demonstrate the value of security

What to look for in a cybersecurity system

Breadth of protection: The system should have a range of security services, communication between components, and ease of expansion. Don’t forget to consider the costs involved with expanding your necessary subscriptions, training, and more.

Product integration: The system should offer zero-touch, automated response and cross-state visibility.

Operational efficiency: Consider usability, overhead, and consistency when choosing a system. The easier it is to use, the better you can take advantage of all the system offers.

Product leadership: Look for industry validation, customer feedback, and recognition by leading industry analysts.

Why Synchronized Security

Synchronized Security brings together Sophos' market leading endpoint and network protection in a powerful, deeply integrated cybersecurity system. At the heart of Synchronized Security is Sophos Central, an intuitive security platform that enables IT teams to see, manage, and control everything through a single web-based interface. Products share real-time information via a Security Heartbeat, enabling them to respond automatically to threats and deliver unprecedented cross-estate cyber risk visibility.

For more information on Synchronized Security and how it can transform your cybersecurity, visit

83% of IT managers agree that cyber threats have become harder to stop over the last year. More and more organizations are moving from isolated security point products to an interconnected cybersecurity system.

Choosing a cybersecurity system is a big decision. And with many vendors talking about cross-product integration, what should you look for and how can you be sure of making the right choice? Download this whitepaper to find out.

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