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Your 30-day free trial includes:

  • Sophos Endpoint Protection, including Endpoint Exploit Prevention, and Sophos Enterprise Console
  • A comprehensive suite of Endpoint Protection technology designed to reduce your risk of exposure to malicious threats, and to prevent, detect, and stop them from running on an endpoint
  • Automated malware cleanup with additional standalone Sophos Clean
  • A flexible, local, server-based software admin and reporting platform in Sophos Enterprise Console

During the trial you will be required to download and install Sophos Enterprise Console on a server. This will be used to manage policies and updates to your Endpoint Protection agents.

If you'd prefer, you can try Sophos Endpoint Protection without building a management server. Trial Endpoint Protection managed by Sophos Central, our cloud-based management platform. This is your easiest way to trial.

Free 30-day trial

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