Centralized management

Intercept X is managed via Sophos Central, the intuitive cloud-based platform for all your Sophos solutions. It’s one console to manage your endpoints, servers, mobiles, firewalls, and more.

Microsoft uses siloed management tools for its security solutions, necessitating the use of multiple consoles to manage protection, detection, and response.

Cross-platform support

Intercept X delivers advanced protection and visibility for endpoints, servers, and mobile devices across multiple platforms. Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Azure, AWS, and GCP are all covered.

Microsoft protects devices across Windows and Azure environments and has recently introduced limited macOS, Linux, and Android support, but only with its premium licenses.

Straightforward configuration

Intercept X is straightforward to deploy and configure even in mixed estates. Default, recommended policies ensure that the latest advanced protections are in place.

More advanced protection features can require XML customization or extensive knowledge of Windows architecture to configure and enable.


Intercept X detects and blocks malicious encryption processes both on disk and in the MBR (master boot record). Impacted files are rolled back to a safe state from a protected data store. Mac devices are also secured.

Microsoft can detect ransomware, but restoration of impacted files is left to the admin (assuming Windows shadow copies have not been destroyed by the ransomware).

Exploit and file-less attack prevention

Intercept X stops the techniques attackers use to exploit software vulnerabilities, providing protection even when a vulnerability has never been seen before.

Microsoft relies on application specific mitigations and in some cases advises against enabling anti-exploit protections in default Windows configurations due to compatibility issues.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) for all

Sophos EDR is designed for both IT managers and cybersecurity experts to answer detailed IT operations and threat hunting questions, with the capability of remotely responding to issues. 90 days of data is available.

Microsoft is typically used by dedicated security teams that have the expertise to interpret data sources and identify follow-up actions. 30 days of data is available.

Fully managed detection and response included with Sophos MTR

The Sophos MTR team can fully engage and take complete control of an attack, from detection to remediation.

The Microsoft Threat Experts service simply alerts customers and leaves them to handle the response.

Advanced Protection, EDR, and MDR


Sophos Intercept X Advanced

Sophos Intercept X Advanced with EDR

Sophos MTR Standard

Sophos MTR Advanced

Foundational Techniques check check check check
Deep Learning check check check check
Anti-Exploit check check check check
CryptoGuard Anti-Ransomware check check check check
Live Detection queries   check check check
Live Response remote remediation   check check check
24/7 monitoring and response managed service     check check
Lead-driven threat hunting managed service     check check
Advanced lead-less threat hunting managed service       check

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